Residential Bathroom Services in Toronto

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Do you know that a bathing routine helps to maintain your mental and physical health? A warm body increases serotonin and allows you to feel better physically and emotionally. A cold shower is a great antidepressant, especially if you stay home for a long time and need a bit of refreshment. Showering in general helps to go deep in your thoughts; a few moments of reflection stimulate your brain and allow you to be more creative. 

With an additional technology like smart digital shower, sound vibration bath or simply smart toilet creates an unforgettable experience and a feeling of escape.



Remodeling work really can help you feel happiness. People want to undertake renovations that allies with their lifestyle. When a person has some control over their residence psychologically their home becomes an extension of them. Home environments allow people to recharge themselves. Create a space as if we are taking vacation at home. Happiness and self-care -pleasurable and soothing experience. Mental and physical recharging are very important.

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Smart Bathrooms offers high-quality bathroom renovations at affordable prices. Our experienced design team will work closely with you to create a custom design that focuses on function, style, and relaxation.

Before we start any renovation work, we'll provide you with a design for your approval. You'll be able to provide feedback, make revisions, and tweak parts of the design to suit your needs. We'll incorporate your feedback and work with you to turn your budget bathroom renovation ideas into a reality.


30-Minutes Energizers

Take a quick, warm bath or shower to relieve tension or stress. Cleanse with a moisturizer using body wash to remove residue of the day from your skin. After you wash yourself, apply a soothing body lotion to nourish your skin. Finish with a light body spray.

Perfect package for those who are looking for partial renovation. 

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Digital shower


1-hour GLOW-UP

Soak yourself in a warm, soothing bathtub. Exfoliate with a hydrated scrub to remove dead skin cells, which will leave your skin soft, smooth, and hydrated. Doing this regularly helps your skin absorb moisture, allow body lotions and washes soaking more easily. End with a light mist of body spray for a hint of fragrance.

Perfect for those who are looking to convert to a full bathroom.


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Soaking tub


If your day is totally free, replicate the pleasurable experience of the full day of the spa with a fully equipped walking bath. While the bath fills, recline against the heated back and rest. Add some epsom salt to reduce stress and relieve sore muscles by using hydrotherapy whirlpool jets to target pain points. Creating a powerful message for your back, feet, and legs. Complete your bath routine with oily body wash and sugar scrub. At top wrap yourself in a luxurious bath towel for the finishing touch and soft, soapy skin, apply body lotion and body spray.


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Space of dream

Designing inspiration 

Looking for bathroom inspiration?

We invite you to visit our showroom in Yonge-Eglinton, Toronto, where you can explore new concepts and build upon your ideas. Our dedicated renovation experts are here to help you brainstorm, walk you through our design, supply, and build process, and offer recommendations tailored to your specific needs.

Create your own design!

If you are unable to find your dream bathroom design solution, we can help you with that. Just follow the steps below, and our generator will create your unique design.

How to use it? Please sign up on our website, the system will provide you with 3 credits to generate your own AI based bathroom design.



We're excited to share some of our favorite bathroom combinations, furniture, and features.

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